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Shahid Warsi
Shahid Warsi
is an active community member and provides outstanding influence and contributions to HDIConnect. As thanks, we are featuring him in the HDI Member Spotlight. He currently works for Accenture and received the HDI Support Center Manager certification in 2017. Click here to learn more about Shahid.

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    Hi Kim, we have Displays (TV's) mounted up high on a wall in the front of our office.  We have a couple that display status of all of our access gates across our four resorts, one that displays What's...
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    There are systems that can text people as well for appropriate outages - such as  https://www.everbridge.com/ . Sometimes the HR or FAcilities departments have already implemented these for disaster emergency...
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    I prefer a web-based dashboard for this information that each agent can have on one of their screens. This way all agents - even remote agents - can have the info. ------------------------------ Terri...